Suction Cup Mount - Support Page

How to use:

  1. Remove the protective plastic film from the suction cup
  2. Place the suction cup on a flat, clean surface 
  3. Push the suction cup lever down to lock the suction cup
  4. Check to see if the suction cup has enough suction to keep the mount firmly in place
  5. Connect the mount to the USB car charger with the supplied flat USB cable
  6. Insert the car charger in the accessory outlet/cigarette lighter adapter of your car
  7. Make sure the outlet is powered
  8. Your mount is now ready to use. Place a smart phone with a Mountr Place & Power compatible case or cover on the mount
  9. You should see a message on your phone, confirming that the phone is being charged
  10. To remove the mount from the surface: unlock the suction cup lever and slowly pull the suction cup off the surface.
Note: Use the cleaning towelette to keep the gel pad of the suction cup clean. Always let the gel pad dry completely after cleaning before re-attaching




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