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MOUNTING AND CHARGING YOUR PHONE IN THE CAR JUST GOT EASY! Mountr Place & Power solutions have been built from the ground up, offering you the best integrated mounting and charging experience for using your phone in the car.
CUP HOLDERS ARE FOR CUPS, NOT FOR PHONES iPhone 6 Plus is cup holderHow many times have you jumped in your car and put your phone in the coffee cup holder because it’s too much trouble to attach it to a mount and plug it in? If you were like us, the answer to that question is lots of times! What if you could mount your phone and have it start charging in less time then it takes for you to get in your car?  With Mountr Place & Power it really is that simple!
IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO A Mountr car mount and a Mountr case or cover for your phone: the two you need to reap the benefits of our integrated mounting and charging solution. Use the Product Selector above to make your first purchase.  The first step is easy, just select your phone type. Next, choose which mount fits your needs the best: the compact Air Vent Mount or the versatile Suction Cup Mount. Finally, choose the color for your case or cover. Simple! FYI, In addition to the mount we include a dual port USB car charger and a flat USB cable with every mount you buy. 

 Ordering an extra mount or case/cover is easy too. Use the ‘Products’ menu and access all individual Mountr products available.
It's wireless, it's magnetic and it just works. It’s wireless; it’s magnetic, and it just works.  The mount powers up when installed in your car, simply connect the car charger to the mount with the included USB cable. Slide your phone in the case, or change the original back cover of your phone for a genuine Mountr cover and you’re ready to mount, charge and go!  The mounting system is magnetic; just place your phone on the mount and the Mountr magnets will align it in perfect landscape or portrait orientation.   And the instant you mount your phone, it starts charging, no messing with wires and sloppy cable connectors anymore.  That’s it! Really!
IS IT SAFE? Yes, it’s safe! But, hey we all have our roles to play.  Our role  All Mountr car mounts have been extensively tested in laboratories and on the road. The magnetic system can hold up to 10 times the weight of your phone, so even on the roughest of roads your phone won’t come flying off the mount.  Your role  Remember to mount your phone in a position that does not block your view on the road in a place where the line of sight let’s you easily check notifications or directions without being distracted. And we don’t need to tell you but we will; don’t operate the phone while driving!
What mount is right for you?  The Mountr Suction Cup Mount complete with an advanced micro-adhesive suction cup can be mounted on almost any flat surface: windshields and most dashboards. The Mountr Air Vent Mount is designed to be mounted one of your air con vent vanes. Perfect for regions where windshield and dashboard mounts are restricted.

Choose a great looking case or cover. We offers stylish custom made cases and covers for:




Mountr offers great customer service in combination with a one-year warranty and a 30 day return policy. We have warehouses in the USA, Europe and Asia, so your order is automatically shipped from the warehouse nearest to you. This means low shipping costs (or even FREE SHIPPING for orders in the USA ), fast delivery times and less worries about unexpected taxes and duties.
Mountr web store accepts payments via Paypal and credit cards.

Note: for European customers sales taxes are added during the final step of the check out process. That is AFTER you linked to PayPal, but before you confirm your order.

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