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Smart phones are great, but they are not really designed for use in the car.
Many of those phones end up in coffee cup holders, due to the lack of an easy way to mount and charge the phone. Now Mountr brings you the MOUNT, CHARGE, AND GO!™ series of products: good looking smart mounts, all with a built-in charging solution, so your phone starts charging as soon as it's mounted.

Our mount, charger and a Mountr case or cover for your phone.
In order to enjoy the comfort of Mountr Place & Power Solutions you need one of our
car mounts. Each car mount comes complete with a USB car charger and cable, and installation just takes seconds.
Your phone needs a Mountr custom case or battery cover. For the Samsung Galaxy Series we have replacement battery covers: remove the original cover and replace it with the Mountr cover and you’re ready to go. For the iPhone we have a series of great cases: place your phone in the case and once again: your ready to go.
Our web store we also offers Starter Kits. Each Starter Kit contains all you need: the mount of your choice, cable and charger and the case or cover that fits your style.

It's easy.
When you receive your Mountr Starter Kit simply install the mount in your car (it just takes seconds) and prepare your phone with the Mountr Case or Mountr Cover.

Mounting your phone is effortless, just place your phone on the mount with one single touch. A smart magnetic system aligns your phone in perfect landscape or portrait position. And the charging starts automatically. That’s what we call: Mount. Charge. And Go!
Need to take your phone off the mount? Just pick it up: it’s easy as that. NO other mounting and charging product offers you such a fast and easy solution.




All Mountr car mounts have been extensively tested, both in laboratories and on the road. The magnetic system can easily hold 10 times the weight of your phone, which is more than enough to keep the phone in place on even the roughest roads. Mountr's patented solution ensures that your phone will not slide the mount. 

Mount your phone in a position that will not block your view on the road and and the line of sight so you can easily check notifications or directions without being distracted. Mountr offers both Suction Cup Car Mounts and Air Vent Car Mounts, so there is always a mounting solution that meets those needs and fits your car. 
And don’t forget: never operate the phone while driving.



Right here. 
First: choose your mount.

Mountr offers custom made cases and covers for:

Order via the Mountr web store with confidence.

Mountr offers great customer service in combination with a one-year warranty and a 30 day return policy and great customer service. We have warehouses in the USA, Europe and Asia, so your order is automatically shipped from the warehouse nearest to you. This means low shipping costs, fast delivery times and less worries about taxes and duties. Mountr web store accepts payments via Paypal and credit cards.

Any more question left? Do not hesitate to contact us.