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I like to use a different USB cable in the car. Is this possible?

Each Mountr mount comes complete with cable and charger, so you can start to use the product straight out of the box.

Mountr USB cables are made of high quality materials to ensure the maximum amount of available electrical current is safely transported from the charger to the mount. 

During product development we pay a great amount of attention to every detail of our product. Together with our test panels we’ve found out that flat USB cables are easier to handle and look much better in your car and these cables don’t end up in a big tangled mess. 

We also found out that a cable of 100 cm (40”) length fits most needs. If we included a longer cable, some users might complain that there is a lot of unused cable which would need to be hidden in order to look neat. If we include a shorter cable, some users will run into trouble because there is not enough cable length to bridge the distance between charger and mount. 

While 100 cm (40”) is a good average cable length, we get requests for cables as short as 25 cm (10”) and as long as 3 meter (9.8’). Unfortunately it’s too hard for us to deliver custom length cables with each mount. 

The good news: you can use any good quality USB to microUSB cable with your Mountr mount and charger. Both ‘charging cables’ and ‘charge/sync cables’ will work. Make sure that your cable is capable to handle currents of up to 2.1A, to ensure that your device charges fast enough. Some cheap cables might not be up to this task, meaning it will take longer to charge your phone and in worst cases the cable might even heat up.

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