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Air Vent Mount:


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    1. The Air Vent Mount can be mounted on most Air Vents with horizontal vanes.
    2. On the back of the mount are two arms, each with a clamp that attaches to a horizontal vane.
    3. Ensure the distance between two vanes is enough to insert the arms of the mount
    4. To secure the mount on the air vent, carefully insert the arms between two vanes making sure the clamps are placed correctly to secure the mount in place.
    5. To remove the mount from the air vent it is often easier to slide the arms to the middle of the mount first, so the arms can be released from the mount. After that you will have better access to the arms and can release the spring on the front clamp to remove the arm from the vane.
    6. We suggest placing the arms back on the mount before storing, so you will not loose the arms.

              Air Vent Mount


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