About Us

Mountr: a trusted partner

Mountr is a brand new initiative of the Kaan Group. For years the Kaan Group has provided millions of users in Europe, Asia, and North Africa with state-of-the-art navigation solutions and friendly service under its Navking brand.

With smart phones providing navigation and many other mobile services to a rapidly growing audience worldwide, and based on feedback from its customer base, Kaan decided that time is right to revolutionize the phone experience in cars. That’s why Mountr was born: to bring you smarter solutions for using your phone in the car and beyond. Less cables, more comfort.


Mountr: a global initiative

The first ideas for Mountr were born in Istanbul, Turkey. Not long after that, the first product concepts were developed in Bangkok, Thailand, where a talented designer from Iran joined the Mountr team. Concepts were fine tuned in Singapore, by a team of experienced and critic User Experience experts from the USA,  Australia, and Sweden. 

Manufacturing specialists in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan went to work and pure craftsmanship turned cool designs into real and reliable products, all with strong financial, legal and logistical backing from Germany and the Netherlands.  

Marketing and customer service teams are just as multinational. 

That’s how Mountr works: a truly global partnership, dedicated to bringing you innovative solutions, where ever you are, where ever you go.