Suction Cup Mount & Charger Kit - Samsung Galaxy S4

Starter Kits contain all you need to start using Mountr Place & Power: suction cup mount, battery cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4, car charger and USB cable.

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    • Benefits

      • Safely and conveniently mounts on windshields  and dashboards.
      • Starts charging your battery as soon as you mount your phone.
      • The unique magnetic phone holder lets you mount and unmount your phone in the blink of an eye.
      • The suction cup with its advanced micro-suction layer mounts securely on any flat surface, including windows and most dashboards, easily positioning the mount to your personal needs.
      • The ball joint lets you precisely position the mount in any direction.
      • Holds your phone in either landscape or portrait positions.
      • The slim and stylish Mountr battery cover replaces the original battery cover. 
    • In the box

      • Suction cup mount
      • Battery cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4
      • 2.1A car charger with 2 USB ports
      • Flat USB to microUSB cable, black, 100 cm / 39"
      • Cleaning towelette
    • Tips

      • Check local regulations if you plan to use the suction cup mount on your windshield
      • Use the cleaning towelette provided to make sure the windshield and suction cup are clean.
      • The gel layer of the Suction Cup Mount might occasionally leave visual traces on some plastic surfaces (like dashboards) if placed for longer periods (multiple days to weeks) and under extreme conditions (hot summer sun). Inspect this on a regular base to avoid permanent impact.


The Suction Cup Mount is the right solution for use on your windshield and dashboard. The suction cup firmly attaches your mount to any flat surface. A smart lever mechanism lets you secure and release the suction cup with minimal effort. 

The Battery Cover for the Galaxy S4 is made of durable and resistant polycarbonate. The Mountr cover maintains the smooth look of the original, yet contains all the smart components to securely stick to the magnetic mount and start charging the battery instantly when mounted.

The USB Car Charger has been designed with the robust energy demands of modern smart phones in mind. It provides you with 2 powerful USB outlets letting you charge 2 smart phones at the same time. We also bundled a high performance flat USB Cable, which looks great, delivers excellent performance and is tangle-free.

Last but not least you'll find a convenient Cleaning Towelette in the box, which helps you to clean both the suction cup and the surface you plan to mount it on. Clean surfaces ensure maximal and longer lasting suction.


Type: Car mount

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