Press Release: Mountr launches new magnetic car mounts with instant charging for mobile phones: MOUNT. CHARGE. AND GO!

Hong Kong, Tuesday 22 April 2014 - Accessory maker Mountr launched its MOUNT, CHARGE, AND GO!™ solutions at the Global Sources Mobile Expo in Hong Kong, where professional buyers from over 45 countries unanimously declared this product line an instant hit. 

Mountr’s new mounting & charging solutions make it easier than ever before to mount a phone securely in a car and instantly start charging its battery.  The product range includes various smart magnetic car mounts with integrated conductive charging and a series of compatible cases and covers for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4 and the Samsung GalaxyNote 3.

“Finally a mounting and charging solution that is as smart as the phone you mount on it” says Mr. Ali Kaynar, Sales Director for Mountr.  “Placing your phone on these mounts is so easy; you can do it with just one hand.  There is no need to re-connect any cable to your phone as the cable is connected to the mount. As soon as you place the phone on the mount, the charging starts. That is what you call convenient.”

Due to a lack of convenient mounting and charging solutions for cars, until now most phones seem to end up in coffee cup holders while on a road trip. Mountr helps to reclaim that coffee cup holder, by offering a mounting and charging solution that’s as easy as placing a phone in that coffee cup holder.

The ‘MOUNT. CHARGE. AND GO!’ series includes two different compact and robust car mounts. Both models are equipped with a unique magnetic mounting system which aligns the phone in perfect landscape or portrait position. This is combined with an embedded conductive charging system.
The Suction Cup Mount comes with a super sticky polyurethane micro-adhesive gel pad on the suction cup enabling solid mounting on a wide variety of flat surfaces including most dashboards. 
The Air Vent Mount can be locked on air vents with horizontal vanes and offers a perfect alternative for those regions where mounting on windshields or dashboards is not allowed.
Each mount is shipped complete with a 2.1A dual port USB car charger and a high performance flat USB cable to connect the mount to the charger.

For the Samsung Galaxy SIII, S4 and Note 3 Mountr provides a series of stylish and protective battery covers which replace the original cover on the phone, making it fully compatible with the Mountr solution.  For the iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 5/5S Mountr offers matching cases, which offer both protection and full compatibility with the Mountr solution.  All Mounter cases and covers are made from a blend of strong polycarbonate with ABS and are enhanced with various finishes, including aircraft grade anodized aluminium.

Some key Mountr advantages
Magnetic phone mount provides convenient mounting in both landscape and portrait position
Mounting the phone can be done with one hand, no need to adjust any clamps
Each mount is compatible with all Mountr cases and covers
Charging starts the instant the phone is mounted, no need to re-connect a cable directly to the phone
No magnets in phone case and cover: no impact on phone compass, and no risk to credit cards.
Conductive charging is energy efficient and reliable: it simply works, always.

About Mountr
Mountr is a new initiative of BPA Smarter Goods Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong with affiliate offices in the Netherlands and Turkey. 

The design of modern smart phones has never been truly optimised for using the phone in the car. The mission of Mountr is to improve the usability of smart phones in the car environment, in a way that is both convenient, great looking and secure.

Initial ideas for Mountr were conceived in Istanbul, Turkey. Soon after, the first product concepts were developed in Bangkok, Thailand, in a cooperative effort with a talented designer from Tehran. Concepts were fine tuned in Singapore, by a team of experienced industry professionals utilizing feedback from User Experience experts located in the USA, Australia and Sweden. Manufacturing specialists in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China went to work and turned cool designs into real and reliable products, backed with strong financial, legal and logistical support from Germany and the Netherlands. Mountr: a global partnership, dedicated to bringing you innovative solutions, where ever you are, where ever you go.