Bumpy Roads

One of the first questions we usually get when we demonstrate Mountr Place & Power solutions is: "Are you sure my phone will not fall of the mount on a bumpy road?". 

And of course the answer is: " Yes, we're pretty sure!".

How do we know? Because reliability was one of the prime concerns when we developed our solution. By design we ensured that the mount can easily hold 10 times the weight of a mobile phone. And we did not just rely on specifications, we tested the reliability intensively, often under extreme road conditions.

The video clip below was taken during one of our many test drives, shot in the middle of South East Asia's rainy season when roads between the rice fields are full of pot holes. At speeds well above what is comfortable we hit the roads, see for yourself what happened...


I'm sure you agree with us. Looks convincing, doesn't it? 

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